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Monday, January 31, 2011

First Friday in February

5:30 pm Harlequin Beads and Jewelry (1027 Willamette St)
Every Tuesday from 3-6 pm, Harlequin Beads & Jewelry hosts a beading circle where beaders can get together to share ideas, projects, materials, and good company. This artistic group of beaders creates some of the most amazing pieces and Harlequin is excited to share the beauty of their talents with you as the kick off stop for the February ArtWalk.

6:00 pm Passionflower Design (128 E Broadway)
Passionflower presents the “Second Annual Objects of Desire” from February 4-28, 2011. This is a special collection of Artwork, Oddities and Treasures from the creative hands of Beverly Soasey, Betsy Wolfston, and Rogene Manas. Items may be taken after being purchased to accommodate gift giving for Valentine's Day. Expect the unexpected.

"The three of us really love the freedom of this show," says Beverly Soasey. "We can include everything and anything that we want, without having to stick to a format, style, theme, size or price range. It truly lets us run with scissors. It's is like having a huge studio sale at the coolest shop in town."

Beverly Soasey is the Director of the Jacobs Gallery in Eugene, a graphic designer, and artist. Her artwork falls in the category of mixed media/assemblage, which for her means, anything goes. It allows her collective nature, and love of travel and telling stories to come out through her art. Her work has been shown locally and in various places around the country. She occasionally teaches her technique, when her busy schedule allows it.

Betsy Wolfston has made her living as a professional ceramic artist for 20+ years. Her work can be found in many public art works in Oregon and Washington, and in galleries throughout the country. All of her work is hand-built one piece at a time. Her most recent public art work can be found at the Oregon Lane County US Forest/BLM/Armory Building.
Rogene Manas, mixed media artist and painter, calls herself a contemporary folk artist and shows her work at galleries in Eugene, Salem, and Portland. She teaches workshops in her unique techniques using paper maché clay and other paper materials. She was featured in a segment of Oregon Art Beat on
January 13, 2011, after her work was seen by they show's producers at a Portland gallery.

6:30 pm Goldworks Jewelry Art Studio (169 E Broadway)
Adam Murphy is the featured artist at Goldworks with his photography show “Violent Light.” He states, “Currently I am exploring interactions between machines and the body. This series studies a device made in the 1920s sometimes called a 'Violet Ray,’ or in the case of modern devices the 'Violet Wand.’ In this set of photos in particular I was attempting to capture the elegance of light and body, as well as the 'contact' of electricity with the skin.” Wine will be available from Stag Hollow Vineyards.

7:00 pm Imagine Gallery (35 E 8th Ave)
Imagine Gallery features "Happy Thoughts," a collection of new work by artist and co-owner Tym Mazet. These evocative original watercolors are eclectic, colorful, and whimsical. Inspired by life, and sometimes a bit nostalgic, peaceful, or just happy, little moments are captured and recreated in Tym's distinctive style.

7:30 pm No Shame Eugene Theatre (The Atrium Building at 99 West 10th Ave)
No Shame Eugene Theatre presents a rapid-fire series of original skits, monologues, poems, music, and the experimental. An antique darkroom timer sets the pace -- each act gets five minutes, then the lights go out! The show is free, and family friendly until you hear the Jaws theme. Live music and performer sign-in begins promptly at 7:30 PM. Performances at 8:00. ArtWalkers will also be able to view Cirque Nostalgique, a temporary art installation by the 12th Ave Collaborative in affiliation with Loose Canon Studio.

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